VIP Reveal Fiat 500X

ServiceEvent and project management
LocationVienna, Semper-Depot

Even in automobile circles, where car aficionados are often spoilt for choice, this was a first. The brand new Fiat 500X had to work its way up a steep ramp into the former Semper Depot of the Akademie der Künste in order to offer the 300 VIP guests, opinion leaders and dealers a show lovingly staged down to the smallest detail - with air acrobats, graffiti artists and lots of Mediterranean charm.

It was a well organised conference, filled with joy. Molto italiano, molto perfetto. To ensure that the two-day Reveal event would not turn into a dolce far niente, we have programmed a custom Guest Management System for guidance. Accessible on the invited guest's own smartphones. A great premier for a little Italian!


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