We'd rather be backstage. Or in front of the stage. But what the heck: the photographer told us to stand up so that people could see who we are. A team of motivated and creative people with heart and brain. Full of passion for events and communication. Spread all over Austria.

Mag. Dieter Zand

Executive Partner
A creative mind and expert in strategic consulting, especially in the development and implementation of live communication strategies, who has been shaping the industry for over 20 years. He always sets the right sails to achieve his goals, whether at sea or as an entrepreneur.

René Melik

Executive Partner
A master of versatility & an absolute all-rounder with a penchant for detail. Always in search of height & innovation, Rene conquers mountain peaks and tech worlds alike.

Jan Kruetschnigg

Partner, Head of Operations
He recharges his batteries at his mountain hut, shines as a BBQ master in the office and is the Monk among his colleagues. He is also a globetrotter par excellence!

Julia Weilbuchner B.A. Hons

Senior Project Manager, Site Management Kitzbuehel
This glitter empress with a soft spot for the Queen and city trips is the very best Godmother to her two nieces - a wild whirlwind!

Mag. Bernd Mayr

Senior Project Manager, Site Management Vienna
A beaming sunny boy who lives with his family in a beautiful wine region and loves to explore the world in his motorhome

Alexander Kassler

Head of Production
Alex, the walking encyclopedia, loves snow and technology. His secret addiction is children's chocolate and in summer he can be found on the mountain pasture.

Sandra Schier, MSc

Senior Project Manager, Site Management Linz
Sandra is the master of puns! Her first day at work ended at a Gabalier concert and a good ice cream can make her rave for hours.

Mag. Alexandra Aglas

Special Projects
An ace in the event business likes to venture out on via ferratas. She would always prefer to wear a hood - her style of dress is unique.

Maria Silberberger

Event Technician
Sandra's pun-partner-in-crime is a passionate beekeeper and climber. Maria loves a lively girls' night out to switch off.

René Tarhaus

Project Manager
René - an experienced mountain rescuer, prankster and outdoor fanatic who has already binged all 279 episodes of The Big Bang Theory ten times.

Nicole Eigner

She is the heart and soul of the office and a number cruncher with German thoroughness. Always ready to listen to everyone, she is the proud mother of two sons.

Heinz Glatz

Project Manager
Heinz, the gourmet chef and state barbecue champion, is passionate about exploring new restaurants and nature trails. His reliability and enjoyment are not only evident on the tennis court, but also in our everyday life, where he acts as the right-hand man in the team.

Elias Gander

Apprentice Event / Technician
An attentive observer and a little nerd with a big heart for family, who enjoys relaxing at his parents' mountain hut.
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