Mitspieler@brandmood, the creative agency. Wohoo.

In 2015, we founded the Mitspieler agency to save the world. Unfortunately, we didn't succeed. Since 2023, we have been working together with Brandmood: maybe this time it will work.

We have come to do good. With ideas that have class. With clean design. With enthusiasm. Our mission: we want to stand out at all costs. But not at the expense of others.

Mitspieler Services

Packaging design
Newsletter marketing
Film concept
Media planning
Employer campaigns

In the office in Innsbruck, at Glasmalereistraße 6, we're very serious with porcelain coffee cups and fast internet and i-Macs and all that stuff. In our studio in Fulpmes, we really splash around and get all worked up. We love both. 

Sandra Steffan

Head of Design
One really special thing about Sandra is that her name is Steffan. And Sandra only eats unripe fruit. Pears that cement your teeth into them and green bananas that you can barely peel. Straaaaange.

Matthias Betz

Executive Partner
Fancy some gossip? On January 1st, Matthias decided to get the perfect bikini figure by the summer. Since then, he has been desperately searching for the right bikini.

Nikolaus Betz

Junior Graphic
We are so proud of our little rascal. He won the Junior Award at the last Tirolissimo. If he wasn't already 1.87 m tall, I would have said he was going to be big.
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