BWT Mission to Change Gala

ClientBWT Holding GmbH
ServiceFull Service
Locationamadeus Terminal 2, Flughafen Salzburg

On the occasion of its 33rd anniversary, BWT Holding GmbH celebrated a gala with 700 national and international guests - entirely under the motto "BWT Mission to Change"!

The evening marked the start of a transformative mission: sip by sip - for you and planet blue. The theme of change was incorporated into every staging element of the evening to reinforce the message.

Upon entering the event, guests were greeted by an impressive 30-metre BWT Walkway, setting the tone for the Mission to Change. The reception area was atmospherically designed with ‚Changing Tiles‘, ‚Hanging Bottles‘ and a fascinating floating piano created a special atmosphere.

We set new standards with our specially designed multimedia and show concept. With breathtaking 3D holo-mapping dance performances, impressive fire dancers and acrobats as well as specially produced 4k content, the guests were led into a new world. Another highlight of the evening was the specially composed BWT song "Let's change the world", which transported the message of the mission in a musical way and is now even available on Spotify. 

After the impressive show, the celebration continued in the converted duty free shop. There, an unforgettable party awaited the guests until the early hours of the morning, accompanied by an energetic 7-piece party band. The evening was characterised by a positive spirit and the conviction that pink is not just a colour, but an attitude that can change the world.

BWT's 33rd anniversary was spectacular, inspiring and unforgettable. With a variety of staging elements, we, as a full service agency, created an atmosphere together with BWT that impressed and provokes the guests. The event demonstrated that BWT is more than a company; it represents a changing world.


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