The Beat of Dynatrace

ClientDynatrace Austria GmbH

Dynatrace, a global company with over 4200 employees, was looking for a way to strengthen the integration of virtual employees into the corporate community in the summer of 2023. In this context, Dynatrace commissioned brandmood to organize an engaging remote holiday party with the primary goal of connecting the many remote employees.

The concept for "The Beat of Dynatrace" was developed in a challenging creative process at brandmood. Music was chosen as a universal link that connects people regardless of religious affiliation, language or origin. Together with a renowned songwriter & composer, 22 different sounds from the everyday working environment were selected as the basis for a symbolic beat. Each beat represents a remote employee, and the collective interplay creates a strong team, with each individual making a rhythmic contribution. In order to actively involve the remote employees in the process, brandmood developed an innovative virtual event platform. Each participant received an individual beat snippet as a video that could be imitated, recorded and uploaded directly to the platform. Creative minds also had the opportunity to upload their own beat snippets, whether of a musical nature or using traditional instruments. Within a short space of time, beat snippets from all over the world arrived, which were processed by the songwriter and a video editor into a unique song with an accompanying music video. 


With the aim of strengthening personal connections, brandmood also implemented a map tool. Here, remote employees could see where their colleagues were working around the world. This function not only promoted exchange, but also helped to establish local and global contacts.


On December 13, 2023, brandmood and Dynatrace invited all remote employees to an online event where the highlight of the show was the presentation of the finished music video "The Beat of Dynatrace".The show was streamed live from Austria, with only the presenter and technology on site, while all other participants, speakers and a remote DJ were connected online worldwide.

The result: an outstanding success and a unique project that even produced a jingle for podcasts and internal company communication. "The Beat of Dynatrace" is impressive proof that innovation and creativity can also create a coherent community in the virtual sphere.

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